Woz Education

  • Sessions: Varies by Program
  • Category: Education
  • Grades K - 2nd
  • Grades 3rd - 5th
  • Grades 6th - 8th
  • Grades 9th - 12th
  • Ages 6 - 9
  • Ages 10 - 12
  • Ages 13 - 15
  • Ages 16 - 18

Our Woz Education program offers your child the opportunity to learn and engage with state-of-the-art technology in a safe, interactive learning environment. Your child will be exposed to cutting-edge concepts and techniques that will help them become better prepared to work and succeed in the 21st century. The skills and knowledge your child will gain from our program will help them stand out from the competition and give them a competitive edge in the job market.

Woz Education program simultaneously develops and teaches knowledge necessary to become a co-collaborator with students engaged in technology-driven, project-based learning. Prepare participants to dream, design, engineer, test, improve and create through coding, artificial intelligence, mobile development, animation, and engineering.