Lyricism 101

  • Grades 9th - 12th
  • Ages 13 - 15
  • Ages 16 - 18

Parents, I encourage you to enroll your child in the Lyricism 101 program. This unique program offers a combination of creative activities, youth development practices, and literary skills that are sure to benefit your child. With its combination of creativity, learning, and fun, this program is sure to provide your child with a rewarding and memorable experience. Sign up your child for Lyricism 101 today and unlock their potential!

Lyricism 101 is a program that intentionally includes proven youth development practices and creative activities that build and expand the literary skills of our teens, while exposing them to the art of hip hop, particularly cipher structure. It is broken down into nine 90-minute sessions, each of which can be delivered as a complete workshop or stand-alone lessons.

This Program is Offered at these Clubs