Intramural Sports

  • Grades K - 2nd
  • Grades 3rd - 5th
  • Grades 6th - 8th
  • Ages 6 - 9
  • Ages 10 - 12
  • Ages 13 - 15

Intramural sports are a great way for your child to stay active and build relationships with their peers. It also offers a fun, low-pressure environment for them to practice and develop their sports skills. Furthermore, intramurals promote social interaction, collaboration, and teamwork, which can be beneficial for their development. Finally, intramurals foster a sense of camaraderie and team spirit, which can help your child learn important values such as responsibility and respect. We believe your child will find great value in our intramural program!

Intramural sports are recreational sports organized within a particular institution (the Club) or a set geographic area. Intramurals promote camaraderie and rapport among members, staff, and parents. Intramurals also allow members to develop skills, fine-tune motor skills, coordination, movement, strength, dexterity, grace, speed, and also find healthy outlets for energy.