Book Club/Read Aloud

  • Sessions: Varies by Club
  • Category: Education
  • Grades K - 2nd
  • Grades 3rd - 5th
  • Grades 6th - 8th
  • Grades 9th - 12th
  • Ages 6 - 9
  • Ages 10 - 12
  • Ages 13 - 15
  • Ages 16 - 18

This program will be a great opportunity for your child to engage in meaningful conversations, gain a better understanding of different types of literature, and develop their comprehension and language skills. By participating in the program, your child will also gain a sense of community, learn how to better express their ideas, and gain the confidence to share their opinions. Your child will also be able to explore their creative side and use their imagination to interpret the stories in the book.

During this program, select a book to read aloud to members. Members develop empathy, become lifelong lovers of reading, improve their listening and language skills, learn about important and/or difficult conversations, activate their imaginations, and have fun.