ECM Technologies and Tolin Mechanical Donate ThermaClear to Boys & Girls Clubs of the Valley to Improve HVAC Efficiency

Phoenix (May 1, 2024) — Knowing the critical role heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems play in creating a safe and comfortable environment, ECM Technologies, a local HVAC efficiency and energy conservation technology company and Tolin Mechanical, the leading innovative commercial HVAC service company in the state of Arizona, have undertaken a mission to enhance the HVAC systems for Boys & Girls Clubs of the Valley (BGCAZ). Through the joint philanthropic initiative, ECM Technologies is donating its cutting-edge HVAC anti-oil-fouling technology, ThermaClear®, while Tolin Mechanical is contributing its services to perform the treatments. Strategically timed to align with the impending Arizona summer, the donation, valued at over $107,000, will cover servicing for 11 BGCAZ locations, totaling 186 HVAC units and approximately 1,200 tons of air conditioning.

“Supporting Boys & Girls Clubs of the Valley is more than a donation for us; it’s a personal investment in the well-being of our community,” says David Fenton, chief revenue officer for ECM Technologies. “I know firsthand the impact these environments can have on a child’s life, and we are honored to contribute to creating healthier and more comfortable spaces.”

Last year, more than 12,000 youth and teens relied on BGCAZ for a safe and positive environment after school and throughout the summer. With the ThermaClear treatment, these crucial facilities will see improved indoor comfort, ensuring a safer and more conducive atmosphere for learning and growth.

“Partnering with ECM Technologies to support Boys & Girls Clubs of the Valley resonates deeply with Tolin Mechanical’s mission to enhance indoor environments and positively impact our community,” said Tolin Mechanical Arizona Business President Bryant Kuvakos. “As integral members of ECM Technologies’ ThermaClear Product Distribution Network, we take pride in contributing our time and expertise to optimize the performance of these essential facilities, ensuring both energy efficiency and comfort.”

Likewise, for most nonprofits, any opportunity to save money is a welcome one, as those savings can then be invested in work that fulfills the organization’s mission. HVAC operational expenses are one area where nonprofits can realize significant savings, as powering inefficient systems imposes a substantial financial and environmental cost. The one-time application of ThermaClear will restore lost HVAC efficiency and cut energy operational expenses at each location by up to 20%, offering a tangible solution for BGCAZ to reduce overhead and support its core objectives more effectively.

“We are immensely grateful for this partnership. Through the generous donation of ECM Technologies’ ThermaClear HVAC technology and the expert service provided by Tolin Mechanical, they have not only prepped our facilities for the summer season, but also enabled us to significantly reduce monthly operational expenses. This reduction empowers us to reallocate resources towards our core objective: serving the children in our community. Their commitment to our cause goes beyond maintaining comfortable spaces; it paves the way for even greater impact and lasting change,” said Marcia Mintz, CEO and president of Boys & Girls Clubs of the Valley.

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About ECM Technologies

ECM Technologies was founded in 2018 and is based in Phoenix. The company’s signature product ThermaClear® dramatically improves the efficiency of HVAC systems with one treatment for the entire lifespan of the equipment, resulting in dramatic carbon footprint reduction and substantial HVAC operational savings, up to 20% annually.

ECM Technologies is comprised of a team of highly accomplished scientists, engineers, innovators, and management executives with the goal of improving energy efficiency using the latest advancements. Learn more at

About Tolin Mechanical

Tolin Mechanical is a privately held commercial HVAC services and facility management company serving a diverse range of building owners and operators throughout the Southwest. Established in 1948, the company has built a reputation for excellence through its unwavering commitment to client-focused service and technologically advanced approach to improving indoor air quality and creating long-term sustainable indoor environments. Through its Energy Sustainability Services (ESS), Tolin offers comprehensive solutions that seamlessly integrate with maintenance programs, giving clients a streamlined and cost-effective approach for energy savings. Learn more at

About Boys & Girls Clubs of the Valley

Boys & Girls Clubs of the Valley offers affordable after-school and summer programs for 12,000+ young people in grades K-12. In 30+ Clubs across Arizona, BGCAZ provides award-winning programs designed to change the lives of young people. For more than 75 years, BGCAZ has been creating equity and opportunity for youth through academic, social, and workforce opportunities. We help young people make healthy decisions and focus on social and emotional development to build resilient young adults. Most importantly, we work to develop strong character and leadership skills by creating positive connections to caring adults and their community. For more information, visit and @BGCArizona on social channels.


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