Phoenix Business Journal: Don Pearson, Wells Fargo’s Area President, and His Commitment to Boys & Girls Clubs and the Local Community

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Executive Inc.: Don Pearson puts banking and volunteering at the top of his list (Video) – Phoenix Business Journal

Coming up on his first anniversary as regional banking president for Wells Fargo’s Desert Mountain Region, Don Pearson said he and his family have settled in rather quickly.

“It feels good,” Pearson said. “It feels like home.”

Pearson said he remembers when he first got the offer from Wells Fargo to move to Arizona. He had three days to think about it. His wife, Beverly, has family in Arizona. She didn’t think twice, and encouraged him to take the job.

He’s been with Wells Fargo for 16 years and has worked all over the country, from San Diego to Iowa.

“When I think back about it, I went from San Diego, which has the best weather in the country to the most rainy state and then I moved to Iowa in January when it was 25 below,” he said. “Then I moved to Arizona in August, when it’s 100-something.”

As he and his family moved to different markets, they always maintained their involvement in the Boys & Girls Club.

His special needs stepdaughter has participated in Boys & Girls Clubs since the family was in California, so whenever they moved to a new city, they would reach out to the nonprofit to see how they could help, averaging 400 volunteer hours a year.

“I haven’t volunteered here as much as I historically have,” he said.

The ability to volunteer with nonprofits is something Pearson said he values about working with Wells Fargo.

“It’s just one of the things about this job that I absolutely love,” he said. “That connection through nonprofits. They are the heroes when you think about the people who dedicate their lives to nonprofits to help others. I’m fortunate to work for a company that has that as a priority, which is to engage the community an be part of it, be visible and help others.”

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